Corporate Overview

About US

 A company specializing in the development 

and installation of residential insect screens 

for over 10 years


Thank you to all customers who visited the ZIPnZONE Insect Screen website.

ZIPnZONE Insect Screen is a specialized company that designs and produces electric screen insect screens and pleated insect screens through research and development based on over 10 years of business know-how related to insect screens. We have been working hard to solve the problem of insect screens in houses, which has been inconvenient

In addition, ZIPnZONE, as a specialized company specializing in insect screens both in name and reality, will continue to spare no effort in research and investment in developing new and improved products through continuous technological development. ZIPnZONE Insect Screen will continue its corporate spirit of achieving success together by providing the best quality and reasonable prices with the utmost importance on trust with customers.


Management policy


growth company 

A company that leads the industry based on excellent technology by strengthening cost competitiveness and developing differentiated products

Quality Management

We provide the best products through a defect prevention system with zero customer complaints and zero process defects

A company of trust

In order to establish customer trust, we think of customers first and provide services based on thorough quality control so that customers can become companies in the future

Ethical management

A company that grows through rational management based on principles, coexistence with customers, and cooperation